Accidents can happen. To help you be prepared, EnviroSafe Australia  offer a complete selection of emergency spill kits for plants, laboratories, workstations and construction sites. Standard kits come in several  sizes to handle any spill up to almost 750 litres. And each size kit comes in three types:
  • OIL ONLY/W - for oil petroleum based spills
  • ALLWIK/GP - for more routine oil, water and chemical spills
  • HAZWIK - for hazardous chemical and aggressive fluid spills
  ATTACK PAC TM - Absorbs up to 27 litres/kit

Efficient, space saving, single use kit packed in puncture and UV resistant foil bag. Hang anywhere from grommet or Attack Pac rack.

Contents: 15 pads, 41 x 51cm, 
3 SOCs, 7,6 x 122 cm, Goggles,
Nitrile Gloves, 1 Disposal bag.
  LARGE MOBILE SPILL KIT -  Absorbs up to 160 litres/kit

The Large Mobile Emergency spill kit is designed for ease of mobility around the workplace. The 240 litre mgb transports spill control products quickly to the spill site and can carry 150 kilograms of waste material. The Transporter Emergency spill kit includes an assortment of Absorbent socks, pillows & particulate and is packed in a sturdy weather resistant container.

Absorbent W Kit #55005
Absorbs oil-based liquids, repels water
2-Absorbent W, socks 4" x 10'
2-Absorbent W, socks 4" x 4"
2-Absorbent W, Pillows 17" x 17"
10-Abrorbent W Natural Fiber pads, 16" x 20"
2-Absorbent W Particulate bags
3-Pair disposable gloves
3-Pair dosposable overalls
1-pair safety googles
4-Particle masks
4-Disposal bags